Mobility mission

What better way to get your "Legs" in shape than by using them to help others around the world finally get an artificial Leg of their own!
Sénuvo is very proud to announce our support of the MOBILITY MISSION - "Restoring Life & Limb" Initiative.
MOBILITY MISSION's Statement of Purpose and Intent:

To reduce the psychological, physical, and economical burden associated with loss of limb worldwide, we will:
- Provide high-quality, low-cost prostheses to amputees
- Establish holistic healthcare for individuals and families
- Create sustainable programs in each country
Of the 30 million people in need of prosthetic limbs worldwide, only 2% currently have access to appropriate prosthetic care.  To increase awareness and directly address this issue, Utah Valley University's Mobility Mission manufactures high-quality, low-cast prosthetic limbs for amputees in developing countries.